Data Recovery, Forensic Analysis, Secure Data Deletion, Penetration Test

Security Forces

How to apply Digital Forensic Science

How to acquire the most modern techniques for the identification of computer data

Companies and Professionals

Data Recovery, Digital Forensic Science, Computer Security.

Competencies related to data recovery of hard disk, smartphones, damaged or encrypted tablets.

Study and Professional Institutes

Professional Institutes and Universities

The training is oriented to the work area.

Surveillance Companies


Analysis of the most modern techniques of computer attack used by criminals.


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One of the characteristics that differentiates iRecovery from other competitors is the continuity in the development and expansion of knowledge. Investments are not only made in high-tech equipment, but also in the know-how, since Information technology is an area where you must always be updated. Therefore, we believe that only the knowledge, the continuous theoretical study and dealing with scientific spirit every technical case that we receive can increase the amount of skills and abilities of our technicians now and in the future.

3.500 € iva esclusa Questo corso è erogato in partnership con Overnet e garantisce la certificazione EC-Council. Il corso...

With the conviction that this aspect could constitute a new branch of business, in our company we have developed iRecovery Academy Project. This project includes a series of training courses with different characteristics and objectives, aimed to companies that wish to provide initial support to their clients with the data recovery services. At the same time, it is intended to provide all the specialized skills in order to promote trust in those people who want to start this type of activities by their own, leaving the most difficult and technical cases to iRecovery.

The project is also intended to the Security Forces, which daily have to face similar cases to those requested by the customers to our company, in order to carry out the forensic investigation and analysis of computer devices that will be subsequently valued as evidence. In this sense, the training project has already been successfully tested with the "SecuRecovery" program, training days specifically designed for the requirements of these people. Its success has proved to be a guarantee for the development of bilateral cooperation at various levels. The main objective of the project is to provide to security forces technicians with adequate knowledge of the procedures, software and operating protocols for the data recovery of any computer device, including the use of latest hardware with the aim of preventing offenses related with informatic area.

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